Hvac Blower

A lot of parts go into running your ventilation and air conditioning system. It needs all of them to control the temperature in your home. To push the air through, it needs a blower. Without this part, the cooled air in your HVAC system can’t be circulated through your ducts and into your home. So, if the air in your home isn’t moving and you think you might have a problem with your HVAC blower in Miami Beach, FL, call the HVAC technicians of Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665.

Knowing When Your Blower Motor Needs to be Replaced

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Get Your HVAC Blower Repaired and Get Cool Air.

The HVAC blower is comprised of a few parts. Its primary parts are a fan of blades, a motor, and a motor belt. All of these parts need to be maintained, just like any other in your system. For example, the blower fan blades need to be cleaned once in a while to prevent buildup that may slow or stop them. Because the belt has constant work when your unit is on, it will need to be replaced before it wears down and breaks. The motor needs lubrication to prevent friction and overheating from all the work that it has to do. Each of these small tasks keeps your blower functioning as it should.

If your air conditioner seems to be running, but there is no air in your vents, then your blower is one possible problem. Have our HVAC technicians come out to identify and repair the source of the issue. If you have been running your system a lot, then your blower motor may get overheated and require service. We can provide thorough inspection service to check your blower for a broken belt, make sure that the fan isn’t clogged, and get your system running perfectly.

Professional HVAC Blower Service

Of course, if all these tasks fail, or you simply need help with any of them, you need to call your HVAC expert. Our technicians will repair or replace your HVAC blower and any of its parts. We have the skills and expertise to perform this job for you quickly, expertly, and affordably. So, for your HVAC blower in Miami Beach, FL, call Kool My Air, Inc. technicians at 833-321-5665.