ECM Motor

Manufacturers are always searching for ways to make systems more efficient. It’s a desire to both make them better and to appeal to a market of people more concerned with energy consumption than previous generations. That’s why better motors have been created; they can improve the airflow that goes over evaporator and condenser coils and heat exchangers. Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM, EC motor, or ECM motor) is one of these more efficient motors. While these motors can be great for your overall HVAC performance, they need service like any other part. If you have a ECM motor in Miami Beach, FL, call your local air conditioning company for services at 833-321-5665.

What is HVAC ECM?

Also called a variable speed motor, the ECM can adjust its RPM response based on changing conditions in the HVAC system. This makes it more efficient than standard motors as it maintains the system airflow. Blower motors often consume more energy than many other parts of a system. If this is a concern for homeowners, they can invest in an EC motor to improve their HVAC systems’ efficiency.

Better Power with ECMs

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Run Your HVAC System Better with an ECM Motor and Get More Efficient Energy Use.

ECM are more than merely advancements in energy-saving efficiency, they also better system performance overall. EC motors change speeds according to the system needs. The controller signals the motor to go through specific speeds at certain times, or in cycles. This can improve the system’s efficiency by more than 65%. Though the motor itself is more expensive than the standard models, it can offer much lower operating costs over time, and thus is worth the extra money for some people.

ECMs also need less maintenance over time. They do require some lubrication, but less than most standard motors. They put less stress, and wear and tear on components because they stop and start less often, and they are unlikely to overheat. This means that you could be looking at far less maintenance and repair with EC motors. Of course, there will come a time when you do need service, and that’s when you call our HVAC experts.

For your ECM motor in Miami Beach, FL, and all its maintenance, repair, and even replacements, call Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665.