Air Conditioner Fan

Has the air in your air conditioning system stopped blowing altogether? There are a few potential reasons, and one of the most common is your AC fan. The fan in your air conditioner is what pushed that cool air through your air ducts and to your rooms. Without it, you won’t feel anything coming through the vents. If air isn’t getting through your system, then call Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665 for a new air conditioner fan in Miami Beach, FL, or fan repair today.

Repairing the AC Fan

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We Will Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner Fan and Get Your Air Flowing Again.

Your air conditioner has a part called the capacitor; it garners energy to run your AC fans. If this part breaks down, then your fan will stop running, too. In that case, an AC technician will need to repair or replace your capacitor. Your fan motor can also cause a problem. Fan motors work very hard every time your air conditioner turns on. Over time, that stress can cause the motor to basically burn out. The motor is essential; if it’s not working, that is a very serious issue that needs an AC professional. Your air filters might seem like a less important part, but they can cause issues of their own. Clogged air filters can stop the air that your fan is trying to move, and make it hard for the fan to push air. All this can disrupt your entire system, in fact. That is why it is so important not to neglect changing your air filters.

Air Conditioner Fan Basics

Standard air conditioners generally have two fans. The first is inside the outdoor unit; it blows air over the condenser coils for the heat removal process. The other fan is indoors, and it takes the cool air and moves it through your ductwork, and into your home. It only takes one faulty fan to disrupt your entire system and prevent you from getting cool air.

AC Fan Replacement and Service

As with most important and complex devices in your life, the best way to prevent disrepair is to have a solid maintenance plan. Have your AC technician come out and inspect your system twice per year or more. Change your filters as needed, clean your system, lubricate parts that need it, and never let any problems sit unmanaged. Without all this, you could face more serious fan problems or problems in general too soon.

If your air conditioner fan in Miami Beach, FL has stopped working, or you suspect it is the cause of your problems, call your air conditioning company, Kool My Air, Inc., at 833-321-5665. We are your local air conditioning experts.