AC Relay Switch

Your HVAC system is comprised of circuits that connect and control all parts to keep the system powered and running. Among these circuits are relays, or relay switches, which work like on and off switches; they activate and deactivate components, like motors and compressors, at the right voltage. Though their basic function seems simple when explained this way, they form a complex network. If you need relay repair, our team has the electrical knowledge and experience needed to complete quality service. When you have problems with an AC relay switch in Miami Beach, FL, call the HVAC technicians of Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665.

What Your HVAC Relay Switch Does

Wires and Relay

Your AC Relay Switch is a Complex Thing; Let the Pros Fix-It and Give Your AC Back its Spark.

Relays are like electrical switches. In fact, they work almost like light switches. You set your thermostat to a certain temperature. Your thermostat reads that temperature, and then sends a signal to your AC unit. A relay coil gets energy from a transformer, and then that coil operates like a magnet, letting the relay make connections on both sides to complete a circuit. If there’s no power from the transformer, the coil releases and the circuit is opened, or not completed with connections on both sides of the relay.

What this means is that the relay switch lets your thermostat take control of the HVAC system’s power by completing a circuit. If you’re having trouble with your system and it might be the relay, your HVAC technician will test the relay switch by connecting the circuits manually. If they work without the relay, but don’t work when connecting with it, then the relay probably needs to be replaced. Your professional may also test the voltage to make sure it is the right level; excess voltage can burn the coils.

HVAC Relay Switch Replacement

Any of these problems mean that your AC relay switch needs to be replaced. That is not a job for most homeowners. It requires knowledge of electrical connections, HVAC systems overall, and electrical safety. The best thing you can do is hire a trustworthy HVAC technician, and let him or her handle the job. Our professionals are thoroughly trained and perform these service to client satisfaction.

Let our HVAC technicians at Kool My Air, Inc. handle your AC relay switch in Miami Beach, FL. Call us at 833-321-5665 to schedule a repair appointment.