AC Compressor

Have you been having trouble with your air conditioner lately? Your compressor may be at fault. AC compressor trouble is one of the more common reasons for an air conditioner that won’t cool. You don’t have to worry about dealing with that part on your own, however. You can call our technicians at Kool My Air, Inc. They will handle problems with your AC compressor in Miami Beach, FL, and they will repair it, or replace it for you. Just call them at 833-321-5665 for their services today.

When to Replace the AC Compressor

AC Compressor Being Cleaned

When Your AC Compressor is Out, We’ll Put a New One In So Your Air Conditioner Will Cool Air Again.

In order to cool the air in your air conditioning system, your AC must have a refrigerant that cools your air. The system within your AC unit that does this is made of condenser and evaporator coils, and a compressor. For most AC systems, there is an outdoor unit, and that is where you can find your compressor, and where this whole process starts.

So, if you’re getting air through your vents, but you are not getting cold air, it just might be a compressor issue. You can check your thermostat and if the temperature is high while your system is most certainly running, then the compressor may not be cooling the air. You should feel the air in the vents to determine if it’s cool or not. Letting this continue is bad for your air conditioner, and it uses up energy. So, you should call the AC experts immediately.

You are more likely to experience air conditioner compressor issues during the warm months. Your AC unit works hardest at this time, and all that energy puts pressure on your machine. Sometimes, it is simply too much. Your AC technician can help you prevent this. The technician will also diagnose the problem, repair the damage, or replace the part. Our AC experts can do all this for you at a price you’ll appreciate, too, so that you don’t spend more time and money than you need.

Trust AC Professionals with Your Compressor

If you think you have an issue with your AC compressor in Miami Beach, FL, call our professionals at 833-321-5665 for expert compressor repair and replacement.