AC Capacitor

A standard capacitor is a small device that holds an electric charge. It has conductor pairs, separated by an insulator. This little device is an important part of your HVAC system; it needs this capacitor to run its motor. Capacitor sizes vary according to the motor to which they are meant to be attached. No matter your HVAC system or its size, you need a working capacitor. So, if you think you’re having trouble with your AC capacitor in Miami Beach, FL, call for HVAC technicians from Kool My Air, Inc. Just dial 833-321-5665 today.

What Your HVAC Capacitor Does

Capacitors come in two primary types: dual run and a single run. Start capacitors work by giving the compressor energy a boost as the unit’s motor begins to run. Capacitors are always working when the motor is running. They are usually made of a polypropylene film that allows them to remain constantly energized, even as the system works for an extended period of time.

AC Capacitor Types and Replacement

Man Checking HVAC Capacitor

We Will Replace Your AC Capacitor, and Get Your Air Conditioner Powered Up and Running Again.

The differences between dual and single run capacitors are not very significant. Small AC units usually contain single run capacitors. They can attach to one motor with their two connections.  Dual capacitors, on the other hand, are able to connect to and run in much bigger air conditioner models. They have more connections, and the difference in the number of connections means that, when you need a new capacitor, you must know how many connections your system requires. That is one of the many reasons to trust an HVAC technician with the job.

Your HVAC professional is the best person to handle any problems you have with AC capacitors. Our team has the training, tools, and knowledge to diagnose the problem. Sometimes, capacitor problems resemble other, unrelated problems. If you do, in fact, have a capacitor issue, then your air conditioner expert will find the right part for you and install it expertly, and all for the best price, too.

Let the pros handle your AC capacitor in Miami Beach, FL. Call our HVAC technicians at Miami Beach, FL by dialing 833-321-5665 today for all your AC services in the area.