When Your Home has Squirrel Damage

Hearing squirrels running around in your attic or behind your home’s walls is annoying, scary, and worrisome. Just how were they able to get into the home and how much damage was caused doing so? Just how long has the home been vulnerable for further damage to occur? These are often questions that run through homeowners heads when they realize they have squirrel damage in their Miami Beach, FL home and need to get repairs. If you are needing repairs to any of your air conditioning systems from squirrel damage, call Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665 today.

Squirrel Destruction to Homes and HVAC Units

Squirrels often get into homes by chewing through soffit and fascia. This then allows them to access the attic where they like to chew through insulation and wires, then ending up inside air ducts where they get stuck and die. This is usually where homeowners realize that they have a squirrel infestation- as the putrid stench of a decaying animal in the air ducts starts wafting throughout the home, requiring professional HVAC cleaning and removal. Air duct repair and residential roof repair in FL are also then required to repair the exterior entry points of the home where the squirrel gained access inside.

Can Squirrels Chew Through Walls?

rodent crawls through hole in the wall

Squirrels Often Hide in Warm Places Inside Your Home Like Your Insulation or Air Ducts

Squirrels can and will chew through walls, as they love the warmth of the insulation that is packed inside the drywall. You can often hear the animals inside your walls, with their little toenails making scurrying and scratching sounds all throughout the day. Do squirrels come out at night? Most breeds of squirrels are not nocturnal, so you will hear their activities during the day. Only flying squirrels are active at night.

Oftentimes, these will be mother squirrels looking for warm places to nest her young, so you want to remove the animals humanely. Drilling a hole in the wall and removing them, or calling professional wildlife control removal to come and get them are the best way to get rid of the rodents. Setting up traps are not recommended at all.

Common Signs of Squirrel Damage to Look For

  • Chewed wiring
  • Chewed furniture
  • Droppings in the attic, closet, or inside walls
  • Dug up gardens or missing fruits and vegetables from gardens
  • Damaged siding, soffit, fascia, chimneys, insulation, or other roofing materials
  • Loss of heating and cooling from chewed holes in air ducts
  • Urine or water stains on ceilings

How Do You Get Rid of a Squirrel?

You can lure them out of their hiding spots in the walls or air ducts of your home by making it so unbearable for them to live there that they seek shelter elsewhere. Irritating squirrels’ senses with squirrel repellent the best squirrel prevention method. What is a good squirrel repellent? For outside preventative repellents, things like mulch, sprinkler systems, and floodlights help to keep the critters from ever entering your yard and being tempted to climb trees to enter through your roof. If they have breached your home, good repellents to use inside include ultrasonic devices or vinegar.

They have sensitive noses and taste buds and don’t like anything spicy which annoys these senses. Sprinkling cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, or paprika around your home will trigger their senses and alert them that they are in an uncomfortable environment. Other scents that they don’t like include peppermint, or predator urine from foxes which you can buy at farm supply stores.

Other ways to lure them out is to keep food properly stored and eliminating any standing water in your yard that might attract these animals to gather around your home for daily meals. You can also purchase humane live traps and set them up in areas of the home where you know that squirrels are residing or that you have seen squirrel damage and wait

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Squirrel Damage?

hvac technician checks air ducts

Loss of Heat and Cool Air or Foul Smells Could Be Indicators That Squirrels Are In Your Air Ducts

Typically, your insurance company won’t cover any damage to your home caused by rodents like squirrels. Insurance companies view squirrel damage as being able to be prevented by better home maintenance. Upgrading to ‘tougher roofing like metal that squirrels can’t chew through to enter the home would have prevented any squirrel damage from happening in the first place’, is the mindset of the insurance companies.

Insurance companies will only really fork over money to clients in events that they consider “acts of God” that considered considerable damage due to the elements, like nature. So if a squirrel happened to chew through your wiring and started an electrical fire, then they would help cover some of the damage costs, but not for regular repair of your chewed-through insulation, fascia, or air ducts. If your air ducts have experienced squirrel damage in Miami Beach, FL, contact Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665.