Mini Duct Air Conditioning

There is an air conditioning system for any home. If the common standards don’t fit your structure, you can find something that doesn’t. That is why there is mini duct air conditioning. This is exactly as it sounds; this system has a air ducts that are much smaller than standard ductwork so that it can send air through a home that doesn’t have the room for normal air ducts. AC systems like this are not common, but when they are found, they are usually in much older homes that have not been updated for modern air conditioning systems. Though mini duct AC isn’t the norm, we are still prepared to offer services for it. If you have or want mini duct air conditioning in Miami Beach, FL, call Kool My Air, Inc., your local AC experts, at 833-321-5665.

Installing a Mini Duct Air Conditioner

Small Circular Air Vent

We Even Offer Mini Duct Air Conditioning Services Because Even Small Homes Need AC.

Mini duct ac systems are generally for homes not optimized for average-sized air conditioning. Older homes, for example, may not have enough space in walls and ceilings where ductwork is usually installed because they were not built to accommodate such systems. So, mini duct setups send very, very small air ducts through the home. They can be placed in the ceiling, under floors, and in walls where there is some space, but not enough for standard ducts.

To push air through efficiently enough to cool the room, these systems are usually high-velocity. This helps make up for less air passing through the ducts at once. The outdoor units are generally a standard HVAC unit size. They send high-pressure air through the mini ducts with special fans and motors. Plenty of people prefer these systems in small homes, and manufacturers sometimes praise them for their low noise pollution and efficiency.

All this allows homeowners with few other options to have efficient cooling. In order to install standard air conditioning in some homes, you would have to perform a lot of other remodeling, and that can be expensive. It is also more efficient than the wall-mounted and window air conditioning options.

Mini Duct AC Services

You need experts to help you with mini duct air conditioning in Miami Beach, FL, like any other system. So, if you have this air conditioning system in your home, you don’t have to worry about finding services. Call Kool My Air, Inc. to be your source for all air conditioning services at 833-321-5665.