Freon Recharge

There are a few small tasks that you need to do, or to have done for you in order to keep your air conditioner running well through the years. A few you need to do somewhat often, like change the air filters. Others don’t need to be done as often, but they are still very important. A freon recharge is one of these tasks. In fact, if you don’t do this, you could find that your air conditioner develops problems much faster than if you forgot any of the other maintenance tasks. An AC coolant and freon recharge in Miami Beach, FL isn’t something you want to do yourself. Instead, you want to call Kool My Air, Inc., your local air conditioning company, at 833-321-5665.

What is Coolant Recharging?

Tech Checking Freon Levels

Call Professionals for a Freon Recharge and Keep Your AC Running Cool.

In basic terms, recharging the Freon is refilling it with coolant, which is part of what allows heat transfer during the cooling process. Your air conditioner pulls hot air into the system and, as it flows through, that air is cooled and is returned to your home. So, if you find that you’re not getting cool air from your system and you haven’t had your Freon recharged in a long time, that may be your what you need.

When to Recharge Freon

If you are getting air through your vents, but it’s not cool, then the heat transfer isn’t happening. It may be time to call for freon recharge services. You will need to have your air conditioner checked by an air conditioning expert. It is best to have this done twice per year, at least, in an effort to avoid the low coolant problem. If you know for certain that low coolant shouldn’t be the problem because the freon was recharged recently, then you might have a leak.

It is always best to have an AC technician perform your freon recharge. It might seem easy on the surface, but you could run into much more significant issues if you try to do it by yourself. In fact, EPA mandates state that this recharge must be done by professionals with certifications. Plus, when you trust a technician, you are paying for a job done professionally the first time. If there is a leak, it will be patched correctly, or the part replaced, but all by a professional who knows what to do to stop the issue.

If your AC system is blowing room temperature air, call Kool My Air, Inc. at 833-321-5665 for a freon recharge in Miami Beach, FL today.