Air Duct Repair

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Because you can’t see your air ducts most of the time, it is easy to forget that they are there, much less than they need inspection and maintenance. Air ducts are what allow the cooled air in your AC system to move from room to room; they contain and direct the flow of air. Without them, or their proper function, your air conditioner wouldn’t cool effectively, and your home would never be the temperature you want. Plus, your energy bills would spike. Remember to have your air ducts checked, and call us at 833-321-5665 for air duct repair in Miami Beach, FL. We are always available to assist you.

Sealing Your Air Ducts

House Construction Air Ducts

Remember Air Duct Repair and Sealing So You Will Always Have Free-Flowing Air in Your System.

Leaks are among the most common air duct problems. They cause loss within the ducts, allowing air traveling through your system to leave before it gets to a room. This means the air does not cool the intended space. Your system may waste energy trying to cool your home because the air never really reaches the room to make it the right temperature. Leaks can be caused by a number of things, including poor maintenance or installation.

Sometimes, it might not be clear that you have an air duct problem. The most noticeable symptoms of air duct leaks are high energy bills, caused by your system overworking, and varied temperatures throughout the home. If you are unsure if you have an air duct leak, an HVAC professional can inspect your system and identify a leak for you, no matter how small. Our team will provide a thorough inspection and provide the repairs your air ducts need.

Air Duct Repair

At Kool My Air, Inc. in Miami Beach, FL, we install, maintain, and repair air ducts. It’s not an easy job that any homeowner can do; it takes effort and system knowledge. You should have your ducts cleaned regularly as part of your system maintenance; you can ask our AC repair people how often. This will help prevent and catch problems before they become significant damage.

When you need air duct repair in , FL, you need new air ducts installed, or you need air duct sealing, contact trusted, expert AC technicians at Kool My Air, Inc.. Dial 833-321-5665.